Shen Ming Cun Exhibition opens 28th April at NNW Bramley

No Naked Walls are honoured to be showing an exquisite new collection of Shen Ming Cun’s paintings from the 28th April. This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to enjoy the very best of Chinese portraiture.

“All the Best” Chertsey Gallery Relocation SALE

Please visit us in the Chertsey Gallery up until the 22nd April to view a special collection of original paintings and artwork all on sale at very special prices…. Or view our online sale on the website. Enjoy!

New collection of Celia Wilkinson’s evocaticve paintings

‘I don’t just paint what I see …it’s as much about what I feel – my paintings say what I can’t put into words.’ Celia’s evocative Landscape paintings and painted from memory and are of the stunning scenery around Niton on The Isle of Wight.