“Traditional Elegance” – A stunning new Exhibtion of paintings by Shen Ming Cun opening 25th October at No Naked Walls Bramley

“TRADITIONAL ELEGENCE” A stunning new exhibition of paintings by The Master Shen Ming Cun”

No Naked Walls is pleased to present a UK exclusive

Join us for the exclusive opening event of Shen Ming Cun’s latest collection between 6.30-9pm on Thursday 25th October 2018.

No Naked Walls
24 High Street
01483 894466
[email protected]

This is a rare opportunity to view a stunning range of original oil paintings by Shen Ming Cun.

The exhibition continues until 10th November.

Please visit http://www.nonakedwalls.co.uk/product-category/shen-ming-cun-original-oil-paintings-available/ to view the full collection of paintings.

Professor Shen Ming Cun is a teaching and research Director at Guangxi Zhuang University, specialising in European Classical painting. His paintings focus on capturing, distilling and representing the unique traditions, costumes and heritage of the minority tribes of Southern China, especially the Miao, the Dong, the Zhunag and the Yao.

The affinity and respect that Shen Ming has for these people is clear in his work as he preserves in paint the realities of their lives. In his figurative pieces he focuses on the ornate costumes worn for religious festivals, Weddings and holiday celebrations. These stunning individual portraits contrast sharply with his large interiors, which give an intimate glimpse of the daily life of millions. He has an empathy for the way in which these tribes live, their attitudes, culture and history.



“I have spent a long time researching the richly colourful cultural heritage of the Yao and Miao nationalities and the Dong minority. Over the years I have lived amongst them and become friends with these beautiful people who radiate pure goodness and a simple love of life.”

These highly sought after and collectable pieces have met with International acclaim and feature in private collections worldwide. He has exhibited in Britain, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and New Zealand and has taken part in several important national exhibitions in Beijing, winning several major awards.