• Alena Carvalho

    Atmospheric cityscape painter Prague-born artist Alena Carvalho began painting as a teenager with highly detailed and realistic miniatures. Ironically she shied away from anything on a larger ... Find Out More
  • Allan Storer

    Allan focused seven years of study in the theory and practice of modern art as a post graduate of both Chelsea College of Art and Design, Kings College and graduate, University of Wales. He is a ... Find Out More
  • Andrew Kinmont

    Andrew studied Fine Art at University of Wales, graduating with a first class Honours degree in 2007. On completion, he established his own studio near Chester and obtained further training through St ... Find Out More
  • Beverly Waller

    Scottish artist, Beverley Waller paints big, bright and bold canvases using strong colour with iridescent layers and rich textures. Her imagery encapsulates an emotional response to the changing moods ... Find Out More
  • Carol Grant

    Carol's paintings focus on the relationship between the land, sea and sky and the interaction they have with one another. Depending on the atmospheric conditions and intended mood, her work ranges ... Find Out More
  • Caspar Van Houten

    Caspar Van Houten was born in Antwerpen, Belgium in 1966. He studied fine art at the Academy of Modern Art in Arendonk. After completing his art education he started work as a teacher of painting and ... Find Out More
  • Celia Wilkinson

    ‘I don’t just paint what I see …it’s as much about what I feel; My paintings say what I can’t put into words’ Celia’s paintings are predominantly based on the landscape around ... Find Out More
  • Chekirov

    Born in the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Talantbek Chekirov is a master of figurative design. His paintings express the ideal notion of beauty, particularly in the observation of the female ... Find Out More
  • Chris Bourne

    Chris Bourne was brought up in Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, he studied for his degree at the Berkshire College Of Art and Design and then worked as an Art Director in London for 12 years. Chris ... Find Out More
  • David Dipnall

    David Dipnall was born in Scotland during the early war years of English parents and received his education at Portsmouth Grammar School. He subsequently studied Engineering Design before travelling ... Find Out More
  • David Shiers

    David Shiers is a Wirral based artist. He has worked in various studios as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator, exhibiting widely around the country. The only tuition he has received was from ... Find Out More
  • Dorothy Cameron

  • Elaine Coles

    Elaine in the 1970’s lived in Botswana. On her return she took up pottery and was totally captivated by the process and the desire to throw pots. She developed a comprehensive range of high fired ... Find Out More
  • Elisabeth Hadley

    Elisabeth Hadley, who was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, has lived in Brixham, Devon for the past twelve years. Here in her studio on Horsepool Street she sculpts her beautiful, graceful ... Find Out More
  • Emma Forrester

    Emma Forrester graduated in 1993 with a degree in Fine Art from Liverpool University. Until recently she worked as a scenic artist in the theatre on many West-End shows and Royal Opera House ... Find Out More
  • Erich Paulsen

    Erich Paulsen was born in 1932 in a small village near Berlin. He moved with his parents to West Germany after the war. He studied in Hamburg at the Meisterschule der Malerei. Further studies followed ... Find Out More
  • Frances Jordan

    Frances has always had a passion for art and since she can remember she has always drawn and painted. In recent years she has had the opportunity to devote more time to this passion. She trained at ... Find Out More
  • Gerhard Nesvadba

    Son of one of the most successful painters and father to another, destined to be one of the most-reproduced artists of recent times, Gerhard Nesvadba was born near Darmstadt in war-torn West Germany ... Find Out More
  • Gisela Uberall

    Gisela Ueberall was born in Bunde, Germany in 1955. She has been working as a freelance artist since 1982 and is based at her studio in Germany. At the start of her career Ueberall found herself to be ... Find Out More
  • Hazel Barker

    Hazel Barker was born in London and brought up in the countryside to the south of the city. As a child, she always enjoyed painting and drawing, and was encouraged both by her family and by her ... Find Out More
  • Helen Brady

    Helen Brady graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, with a degree in Fine Art and Spanish. She also gained an MPhil qualification through her thesis examining the relationship between ... Find Out More
  • Howard Birchmore

    Howard Birchmore's work has sometimes been described as a modern look at a traditional scene. His work is well known for the excellent use of light, and the remarkable way in which he captures it in ... Find Out More
  • Jamel Akib

    “My aim is to provide a portrait that accurately reflects the sitter but offers more than just a photo realist reproduction. I believe a portrait should have an element of atmosphere and personality ... Find Out More
  • Jane Wachman

    Jane's work as an artist references the ever changing outlines of the landscape. As an artist she considers the fragility of the environment we inhabit by creating bold abstract paintings and prints, ... Find Out More
  • Janie Meyer

    Janie Meyer was born in 1938 in Andijk, a small village in the Netherlands. She spent her childhood on her family farm, an inspiration featured in much of her work. Since then her paintings have ... Find Out More
  • Jennie Ing

    Jennie produces linocut prints in colour and black and white. She is driven by an interest in architecture and a fascination with the way space is taken up in our cities, as well as the patterns, ... Find Out More
  • Jo Louca

    Jo was born in Bristol, but has lived in Surrey for over thirty years. She gained a B.A.Hon in Fine Art at Farnham College University and has exhibited widely in Galleries around south England. Jo ... Find Out More
  • Joanne Thompson

    Joanne Thompson is an artist who lives and works on the borderlands of North Wales and Cheshire. Joanne’s enjoyment of the creative started during early childhood when she spent hours learning the ... Find Out More
  • Johannes Eerdmans

    Johannes Eerdmans has developed a style that is reminiscent of the Romantic School. He was born in 1950, in Sneek (Holland), and grew up in Bolsward. Johannes Eerdmans has had an interest in drawing ... Find Out More
  • John Connolly

    John trained as an Art teacher at Doncaster and in Drama at Derby ... Find Out More
  • John Hammond

    John Hammond trained at Wimbledon College of Art and at the Bath Academy of Art, graduating in 1982. He has participated in group shows including The Royal Institute of Oil Painters at The Mall ... Find Out More
  • John Haskins

    Born in Bermondsey, London, John received an art school education before establishing an accomplished career as an illustrator. Initially, his main focus was on black and white line work, and he soon ... Find Out More
  • Kaby Bitten

    Every decorative or functional glass piece made by Kaby Bitten Glass is crafted by hand and decorated with original patterns inspired by the coastlines and countryside of Wales, Devon and Cornwall. ... Find Out More
  • Leonard Dobson

    Leonard's paintings vary in subject matter as well as medium, he is equally adept working in oil, acrylic or watercolour. Leonard introduces a number of techniques in the creative pursuit of the ... Find Out More
  • Les Matthews

    Les Matthews is a world renowned artist, based in the south west of the United Kingdom. During a professional career that spans four decades he has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally. ... Find Out More
  • Liz Spooner

    Liz Spooner bases her paintings upon observations, memories, moments and emotions, past and present. She has studied and taught ceramics, sculpture, textiles and photography as well as painting and ... Find Out More
  • Malcolm West

    Malcolm was born 1957. He showed a great talent for art from a young age and took his O level art at the age of thirteen. Malcolm went on to Art College at the age of seventeen and graduated from Art ... Find Out More
  • Marcos Esteve

    Marcos Ferrándiz Esteve was born in 1968, in Alcoy, Spain. He began his career at the School of Fine Arts, he continued his studies at The Fine Art School of San Carlos in Valencia where he extended ... Find Out More
  • Mario Sanzone

    Mario Sanzone was born in Naples, 11 May 1946. The artist attended the Fine Art Academy in his native city, where he continued to live and work. After his studies, he started and has industriously ... Find Out More
  • Michael Morgan

    "Renowned Westcountry artist Michael Morgan enjoyed two distinguished careers firstly in academia and latterly as an artist whose ground-breaking style is widely considered to have added new life to ... Find Out More
  • Namazbek Chekirov

    Namazbek Chekirov was born on February 6th, 1979 in the former Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan. As a child he was fascinated and inspired by paintings of cities, landscapes and nature. Namazbek ... Find Out More
  • Natalie Rymer

    Natalie Rymer trained as an Artist at Wimbledon School of Art in London studying a degree in Fine Art and Painting. She lives with her husband and two children on the borders of Kent and Sussex. ... Find Out More
  • Penny Warden

    Penny paints her images with a maximum of spontaneity and energetic expression. This involves risks and accidents but Penny works in partnership with the oil paint, exploiting these in order to forge ... Find Out More
  • Madjid

    Madjid was born in Teheran in 1943, son to the well known artistic Rahnavadkar family, both the grandfather and brother were also well-appreciated amongst their countrymen. Madjid has been painting ... Find Out More
  • Paul Fearn

    Paul Fearn is a four-time finalist in the prestigious international 'David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year' competition (2015/16/17/18) and is a contemporary wildlife artist with a difference. ... Find Out More
  • Philip Hearsey

    With a background in architecture, interior and furniture design Philip is a self-taught sculptor and he specialises in sandcasting to make pieces which engage the quality of bronze as a noble ... Find Out More
  • Richard Knight

    Richard describes himself as a visual interpreter and impressionist. As a lover of figurative painting, Richard tried to carry on that tradition in the use of strong graphic lines, shapes and colours. ... Find Out More
  • Richard Symonds

    Richard was born in 1969 Surrey, England. On leaving school he worked extensively around the Middle East and North America for the military before returning to his Surrey home to develop his skills in ... Find Out More
  • Richard Thorn

    Richard's interest in art began at the tender age of 5. He would draw ad sketch everything and anything, which became his first love. This period of drawing became the 'Prima Materia' for his later ... Find Out More
  • Ronald Cameron

    Ronald Cameron NDD Born 8th October 1930 His parents were Scottish and lived in South London where his father had a chemist shop. At eleven years old Ronald went to the local grammar school, ... Find Out More
  • Sarah Blenkinsopp

    Inspired by natures vivid colours, rolling landscapes and dramatic seascapes, Sarah's work regularly includes bold horizon lines and powerful impactful colours. Sarah graduated from Farnham institute ... Find Out More
  • Sharon Withers

    Sharon Withers is a young artist known for creating large scale abstract landscape work and triptych oil paintings. Her work can be found worldwide from America to Europe in private collections and ... Find Out More
  • Shen Ming Cun

    Shen was born in 1956 and graduated from the University Art College of Guand Xi in China, where he is now professor of European Art. He has exhibited paintings at important national exhibitions in ... Find Out More
  • Suzie Marsh

    Suzie studied at Brighton and Exeter colleges of art and obtained her degree in ceramic sculpture in 1982. For several years Suzie worked as a designer for various Devon based companies during which ... Find Out More
  • Tessa Pearson

    Tessa Pearson studied Printed Textile design at UCCA Farnham and the Royal College of Art, where she won the Courtaulds Prize and was commissioned by Liberty of London to produce a collection of ... Find Out More
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  • Victorio Antoli

    Victorio Antoli was born in Alicante in 1965 and studied at the Fine Art School of San Carlos in Valencia, Spain. Victorio Antolí’s preferred subject matter is woodland. The fresh greens and ... Find Out More

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