Annie Rouse

Annie Rouse is a full time artist who works daily from her studio in SW London. She has exhibited her work both in Britain and abroad, including many times at The Royal Academy Summer exhibition and the Mall Galleries London. Below is a personal statement about her work;

“My paintings deal with ethereal moments and passing time. Like fractions of a poem. Informed by bits of life, journeys made, stories told, notes in sketchbooks, scratches on walls, and old songs.
In my work I am concentrating on those abstract moments between place and memory. I am interested in how the finger of time leaves its mark.
I continue to experiment with drawing on different surfaces and textures, and use a huge variety of materials to build up a working surface, including oil paint, plaster, shellac, dyes, reconstituted stone, oils, acrylics, emulsion, binders plus wax, crayons, pencil, and charcoal.

Still life

I love drawing and most paintings begin with the drawing. I love texture and and use the viscosity of oil paint to sculpt the forms onto the canvas.
Taking the subject matter from from my immediate surroundings, I use crockery that I find around house, some are little favourites that reappear in lots of paintings!


I have been walking coastlines all over the world.. These are inspired by the magnificent broody, moving skies of the east coast of England , East Anglia, Suffolk and Norfolk.”

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