Alena Carvalho

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Tasteful Modern Cityscape Paintings

Why add an Alena Carvalho to your collection?

Alena’s beautiful atmospheric cityscapes have been exhibited in galleries across the UK and overseas, and are proudly displayed in the homes of her collectors. With them, her paintings bring a slice of the exciting city life, captured artfully in a snapshot moment. Her reserved colour palette introduces a modern yet tasteful flair to any collection, by capturing the beauty in the everyday.


About Alena’s Work

Alena works on medium to large sized canvases, typically in the region of 60cm to 100cm. The artist has spoken of feeling liberated by working to this scale, which is visually conveyed through the fluidity of her designs. Alena utilises a limited colour palette to achieve the experience of her city scenes. She works with subtle grey and white tones to establish the urban architecture, adding hints of red, yellow, and blue to enliven her cityscapes. Her interest in urban environments stemmed from a passion for painting architecture, but soon her interest extended to other elements of the urban environment and the life that goes on within it. Alena has found inspiration in cities all across Europe, although London is a firm favourite. The black cabs, red buses, and traditional white architecture, including the unmistakable St. Paul’s Cathedral, have all taken pride of place in her work. Alena is particularly interested in the impact that weather and light can have on the urban landscape, and harnesses this to shape the mood of her paintings.

Alena takes a contemporary approach to Impressionism, and captures the magical in the mundane aspects of city living. She is drawn to the vibrancy of colours in rain and the reflections in puddles, including the way in which evening light can alter this entirely. Equally, Alena sees the magic in capturing the way snow falls and begins “sugar-coating everything in its path” within the depths of the city. Alena is a keen photographer, and views painting and photography as one and the same in her process. She works directly from her own images, to achieve the impression of a fleeting moment, suspended in time. Alena paints with acrylic on canvas, to gradually build up layers and fabricate an authentic depth in her urban landscapes. She works with palette knives and paint brushes to achieve her impressionistic style, allowing the artist to introduce an emotional expression of experiencing the scene.


Styling Ideas

Alena’s work is particularly suited to those seeking a more subtle colour palette, but still wanting to introduce some colour into their collection. Her contemporary style is especially complementary to modern interiors, although her timeless imagery and subtle colouring makes an excellent addition to any collection. The artist’s masterful application of colour makes her work tasteful yet fun, and are wholly understated ‘statement pieces’.


About The Artist

Alena Carvalho was born in Prague, and began her artistic journey as a teenager, painting highly-detailed and realistic miniatures. Now, she is based in Buckinghamshire and has found liberation in working on a much larger scale! Alena strives to capture beauty in the mundane urban elements of life, and masterfully achieves this in her immersive London landscape scenes.