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Allan Storer

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Colourful Abstract Statement Paintings

Why add an Allan Storer to your collection?

Allan’s fine art paintings are proudly displayed in public and private collections all over the globe. Housed in some of the most prestigious postcodes in the UK and villas in the south of France, to the private collections of the UAE Royal Household, and even across the Atlantic to Hollywood, Allan’s abstract paintings are cherished worldwide. His large-scale works introduce an exciting pop of colour to any collection, and effortlessly transform the space with a slice of luxury.

About Allan’s Work 

Allan works with large-scale canvases, typically exceeding 1m x 1m, to produce his abstract colour paintings. He lives between London and St. Ives, and often works “en plein air” to draw inspiration from these creative hotspots. Some of Allan’s pieces are more representative than abstracted, allowing his inspiring settings to really shine through. He has spoken of favouring texture and colour to create a new reality, one that is contrary to imitation. Responding to this, his colour palette varies wildly from soothing oceanic blue tones, to vibrant bursts of pink and red. In each case, his style remains distinctly his own, attributable to his unique and unconventional creative process. 

Allan works with oil paint, to achieve the distinctive thick impasto texture that appeals to his many collectors. He works directly onto the canvas using squeegees and palette knives, in a dynamic and engaged process that reflects the visible energy of his finalised paintings. Allan has studied art theory extensively, and has masterfully crafted his own visual language through this research. He endeavours to connect his viewer to the painting by channelling an emotion and energy, which resonates through his high-powered imagery.

Styling Ideas
Allan Storer customer photo
Allan Storer customer photo

Allan’s work is exceedingly contemporary in style, and complements the modern interiors where many collectors have chosen to display his beautiful and powerful artworks. All the same, his extraordinary handling of colour sees Allan’s work effortlessly fitting in with many existing collections, and standing out as the ideal statement piece. His bold use of colour can be employed to match, or contrast against the existing interior design, and make a fantastic focal point, in either case.

About The Artist

Allan has studied the theory and practice of modern art for many years to inform his artistic process, completing prestigious postgraduate degrees at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and at King’s College London. He is a member of the Federation of British Artists, and has exhibited with both the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the Hesketh Hubbard Drawing Society.