Andrew Hird

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Timeless and Traditional Cityscape Paintings

Why add an Andrew Hird to your collection?

Andrew has exhibited his award-winning paintings at the Mall Galleries, Chelsea Art Society, and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, to name just a few. His work is becoming increasingly popular amongst collectors throughout the UK, and as far afield as New York, Canada, and California.

About Andrew’s Work

Andrew works in a contemporary impressionist style to capture fleeting moments in his city and maritime landscape scenes. Andrew works with a range of medium and large canvases and boards to celebrate the world around us. He returns to a number of locations to draw inspiration for his works, including the popular Italian tourist destinations of Venice and Siena, as well as familiar locations closer to home, including Guildford High Street, and Putney Riverside. Andrew locates unassuming and often mundane scenes from life, and transforms them into beautiful masterpieces. His paintings have a photographic quality to them, in that they capture snapshots of the moments that often go unnoticed in busy and distracted lives. An emphasis on light, line, and perspective provide the structure for much of Andrew’s work. It is his handling of light and shadow in particular that lend a reality and immersion to his images. 

Andrew’s artistic inspirations all stem from personal experience, and begin as sketches in pencil or paint, that the artist has created on location. In a modern take on traditional impressionism, Andrew builds upon his “en plein air” studies, before working them into a completed oil or acrylic piece in his studio. The physicality of experiencing the environment is an important quality in Andrew’s process, and finds him regularly referring back to the inspiration of standing in the space. It is through this experiential quality that the artist creates a connection between viewer and artwork.


Styling Ideas

Andrew’s delicate handling of soft light and colour is timeless, and finds his work perfectly suited to a number of collections. His classical imagery and impressionist style complements traditional interiors, whilst his subtle colouring and simple framing finds his works equally suited to modern collections too.


About The Artist

Andrew has found great success throughout his artistic career. In 2015, he won the inaugural Royal Institute of Oil Painters “Paint Live” competition, and in the same year he also won The Artist Purchase Prize, Great Art Award, and Peoples’ Choice Award at Patchings. He competed in the Sky Arts Landscape Artist of The Year in 2019, and his painting was chosen by the Royal Navy for their collection at HMS Calliope. Whether painting to compete or to adorn the homes of his collectors, Andrew paints to share his personal world, and share the enjoyment he finds in recording it.