Andrew Kinmont

Andrew Kinmont

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Dynamic Abstract Landscape Paintings

Why add an Andrew Kinmont to your collection?

Andrew’s award-winning oil paintings have been met with critical acclaim, and can be found in collections across the UK and internationally. His contemporary and abstract approach to landscape painting yields artworks that are as beautiful as they are dynamic and exciting. Andrew’s adept shaping of light and colour naturally draws the eye to his paintings, and encourages interaction between artwork and viewer.

 About Andrew’s Work

Andrew Kinmont

Andrew works with medium to large canvases, typically between 50cm and 1m, to create his land and seascape paintings. His style is contemporary, colourful, and highly abstracted, although a sense of the inspiring landscape is present in many of his pieces. Andrew is based near Chester, and sources much inspiration from the surrounding landscapes in Cheshire and North Wales. There is a great sense of dynamism in Andrew’s work. Whether he’s depicting greying stormy skies or crashing blue waves, the artist masterfully handles colour and gestural brushstrokes to capture the atmosphere of the scene.

Andrew’s work is concerned with an emotional response to the natural world, and the artist has a particular interest in the quality of light. He begins with taking photographs and making preliminary drawings in the landscape, before developing the work in his Cheshire studio, and allowing his compositions to evolve naturally. He has spoken of seeking the final paintings to possess their own emotional resonance, so they can evoke memories and personal interpretations amongst their viewers. His artistic process is one of alteration and changes, which Andrew likens to the transitional state of nature itself. As a result, his paintings are as much about his feelings and the atmosphere of a place as they are about how it looks.

Styling Ideas

Although modest in size, Andrew’s powerful use of colour makes each and every painting a statement piece. His contemporary abstract style is suited to modern interiors, and any collector seeking to add a vibrancy to their collection. The visual qualities of Andrew’s paintings made a subtle nod to their agrarian beginnings, whilst presenting as a neutral and decorative work of art, in their finalised state. 

About The Artist

Andrew studied Fine Art at University of Wales, before completing further training at St Martins College in London and West Dean College in Chichester. He is an elected member of the prestigious Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, as well as the Manchester Academy of Fine Art, and regularly exhibits around the country.