Caspar Van Houten

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Colourful Chicken Paintings


Why add a Caspar Van Houten to your collection?

Caspar Van Houten’s colourful chicken paintings are fun, playful additions to any collection in need of revitalising. His quirky subject matter, paired with an uplifting colour palette, makes for a truly unique body of work, which captures the energy of these farmland animals.  


About Caspar’s Work 

Best known for his contemporary paintings of chickens (or “haantjes” in his Dutch mother tongue), Caspar Van Houten presents a truly unique body of work. These small to medium canvases are typically between 40cm to 80cm in width, making a big impact in modestly-sized spaces. His free-flowing, abstracted style presents an uplifting dynamism, designed to revitalise any space. 

Caspar works in acrylic on canvas, although there is a clear illustrative line to his work too. His background in graphic design is particularly evident here, in addition to his studies in modern Fine Art. Caspar’s quirky style has developed over the years, with the artist accrediting his unique style to his unconventional working hours. Caspar mostly paints at night, opting for quiet and calm conditions, “when the world is asleep and there is not any noise”.


Styling Ideas

With a wholly fun and quirky style, Caspar’s paintings are perfect as part of a modern gallery wall design. His chickens offer a great opportunity to introduce a pop of bold colour to neutral home interiors, or to complement similarly vibrant spaces. 


About The Artist

Caspar Van Houten was born in Antwerpen, Belgium in 1966. He studied Fine Art at the Academy of Modern Art in Arendonk, before going on to work as a teacher of painting and sculpture for many years. Caspar later began work for several graphic design companies as an art-director, whilst still carrying on his passion for painting.