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Chris Bourne

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Colourful Modern Landscape Paintings


Why add a Chris Bourne to your collection?

Chris Bourne’s paintings offer a slice of nature, selected from some of the country’s most beautiful locations, eternalized as memories suspended in paint. His landscapes and seascapes introduce joyful colour into home interiors, and present an opportunity for slow, contemplative viewing amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are designed to make a connection with his collectors, offering a quiet spot to retreat to, after even the busiest of days. Chris’ paintings make beautiful and poignant additions to collections seeking a vibrant rejuvenation. 

About Chris’ Work 

Inspired by his local landscapes, Chris paints to capture his experiences of the natural world. He aims to encapsulate the elements, feelings, and memories associated with his chosen places, sharing them with the world through the medium of paint. He offers a range of sizes, from modest accent pieces that are around 50cm wide, to large canvases, exceeding a metre in width, which are perfect to make a statement in any interior. Chris’ work responds to his interest in the changes of our surroundings, brought about by fluctuations in light, weather conditions, and seasonal transitions. He paints authentically to his surroundings and experiences, which has yielded a similarly developmental body of work. Whilst living in Dorking, in the Surrey Hills, Chris was particularly occupied by the leafy green, floral landscapes that formed the local environment. More recently, a blue coastal theme has emerged in his work, inspired by his new surroundings in St. Ives, Cornwall. 

For Chris, painting is a response to living in, looking at, and reacting to the world around him. His influences are experiential, and the artist has described his work as being memories that are stored as sketches on paper, and paintings on canvases, ultimately derived from a lifetime of worldly experience. Chris predominantly works with acrylic paint on canvas, but also dabbles with ink, oil, and pencil to capture fleeting moments in the world around him. His paintings often begin life outside, painted in situ, before being taken into his studio to be perfected for his audience. 

Styling Ideas 

Many collectors are drawn to Chris’ work for his bright and uplifting use of colour. His work brings joy to interiors both traditional and modern, as the artist puts his contemporary spin on a long-established painting tradition. When displayed against neutral, white, grey, and taupe-coloured walls, the rich colour of Chris’ work shines through, allowing the paintings to bring a flair of vibrancy to the space. His large scale pieces are statement works by design, and effortlessly bring interest to large walls over sofas, atop mantelpieces, and staircase landings. His smaller works in particular look beautiful when framed, and can be styled as part of a modern “gallery wall” design. Small yet mighty, these accent pieces bring an exciting pop of colour to modest spaces, transforming them into an area of intrigue. 

About The Artist

Chris Bourne grew up in Goring-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. He studied at the Berkshire College Of Art and Design, before working as an Art Director at a London advertising agency for 12 years. He lived and worked in Dorking, in the Surrey Hills, for a number of years, before embarking on his dream move to St. Ives, Cornwall. His work can be found in numerous private and corporate art collections across the country.