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Daniel Byrne

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Unique 3D Butterfly Artworks

Why add a Daniel Byrne to your collection?

Daniel’s handcrafted artworks occupy a unique position between framed papercraft and sculpture. Each artwork represents hundreds of hours of precision in printing, die cutting, scoring, and assembling into a three-dimensional form. The fruits of his labour are beautiful, intricate, and intriguing works of art that transform the wonders of nature into dynamic art objects. His framed pieces, whether wall-mounted or displayed as a stand-alone object, are designed to capture attention, and create a beautiful focal point for any space.

About Daniel’s Work 

Daniel’s work predominantly explores butterflies, shoals of fish, and flocks of birds as his subjects. The latter often yield sleeker, more monochromatic works, which are particularly suited to modern minimalist interiors. The varying colours and wing patterns in his butterfly works lend themselves particularly well to his graphic compositions, and produce enchanting works of art that are designed to inject colour into any space. These hand-crafted pieces are at one with their frames, making for comprehensive art objects; part framed “image”, part three-dimesional “sculpture”. Some of his largest frames reach a metre in width, whilst smaller pieces are typically closer to 50cm across. Each individual creature is crafted from paper, often with a metallic shine, as the artist pushes the boundaries on the limits of his materials. 

Daniel’s work began, in part, as a reaction to the macabre nature of Victorian butterfly collections. He was inspired to breathe life into the creatures, replacing the grid-like uniformity of such displays with frenzied movement. His work also explores an interest in multiples, interrogating how art can draw inspiration from the way creatures naturally appear in large numbers. His work is assembled from hand-cut compositions that make the insects and birds that appear to break free of their frames. Each two-dimensional image is transformed into a three-dimensional object, fabricated in paper-based materials by hand.


Styling Ideas

Daniel’s sleek and modern style is perfectly suited to similarly contemporary interiors. His butterfly works in particular are guaranteed to bring some colour, whether introducing some vibrancy to neutral interiors, or complementing similarly bold decoration. Whilst working with subjects that may traditionally be considered feminine, the artist’s use of a metallic material adds a masculinity to the work, redirecting the focus to the beauty in the shapes and forms he creates. Many of Daniel’s works are presented in thick box frames, allowing the works to be styled as free-standing objects, as well as conventionally hung on walls. 

About The Artist

Daniel graduated from Falmouth Art College in 1993, before immersing himself in a Graphic Design career. He took the decision to dedicate himself to his art in 2015, having relished in creating art for his home and for friends in his spare time. His artistic pseudonym ‘Faunart’ simply communicates the meeting of fauna and art that is wholly present throughout his work.