David Brett

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David likes his paintings to be bright, colourful and energetic. He aims to bring a contemporary edge to the British landscape tradition. His works are created from elements of different locations that are not necessarily specific to time or place. David states;

“My interest lies in creating expressive landscapes that are vehicles
to convey mood. The specific location, in terms of time or place, is
not as important as the emotional response the painting evokes.
Subsequently, I will change the light, colour and even the physical
structure of a scene to facilitate this interpretation. I’m keen to
explore the dividing line between the abstract and the
representational, and seek to create a rhythm in the paintings by
using colour.

My influences range from David Hockney and Wolf Kahn to contemporary Mallorcan artists. I’m also inspired by the fluency and vibrancy of Van Gogh and the structure of Cezanne. My own approach is to overlay
sometimes clashing colour, using a variety of expressive brush and
palette knife strokes, glaze and impasto techniques, so that the
texture is part of the structure.”

David has a BA honours degree in Art and English from Oxford Brookes
University and studied for an MA in Art History at the University of
Reading. He is based in London, and works as both a journalist for the
London Evening Standard and as an artist. Although David’s training is in
art and he has painted all his life and has chosen to pursue it professionally in recent years. His works have sold to clients both in the UK and around the world