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Elaine Coles

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Colourful Abstract Digital Art Prints

Why add an Elaine Coles to your collection?

Elaine’s abstract prints are a lively and colourful addition to any collection. Her unique works are informed by African art practices, as well as an experimental relationship with digital painting. Her abstracted style is highly decorative, and introduces an exciting modernity to their surrounding interiors. 


About Elaine’s Work

Elaine’s love of colour has been influenced by her time spent in Africa, and is also evident in her pottery work. Her pairing of linear geometric shapes with bright colour is reminiscent of traditional art styles in Botswana. There is also a total disruption of traditional perspective in Elaine’s work, with the artist instead favouring a focus on the texture and design of her abstracted landscapes. 

Working on a tablet device, Elaine creates her designs digitally in photoshop and manipulates photographic images of textures or landscapes into her designs. The result is an exceedingly contemporary style, reminiscent of the intentional “glitch” design that was popularised by net artists in the 1990s and early 2000s. Elaine reworks this style into a fine art format, printed as limited editions of 5, on high quality art paper, typically around 40cm to 50cm in size. This contemporary process, combined with traditional African practices makes for a truly unique body of work. The beauty of Elaine’s digital paintings reside in her playful use of colour, and lucid reworking of the traditional landscape scene. 

Styling Ideas
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Elaine’s work is highly contemporary, and is complementary to colourful interiors, or those seeking to introduce some vibrancy to sleek modern spaces. The small scale of Elaine’s work lends itself to styling amongst a gallery wall design, or paired with additional works by the artist to achieve a unique triptych design. Her digital artworks are perfect for collectors seeking to modernise their collection and add a contemporary flair to their interiors.

About The Artist

Elaine has been a practicing artist for over 40 years, and has a Diploma in Ceramics from the prestigious Goldsmiths College, in London. Her digital art prints are informed by a wealth of artistic experience and techniques. For a period of time in the 1970’s she lived in Botswana, and upon her return she took up pottery and developed a comprehensive collection of domestic stoneware. Elaine has also explored metalwork to produce a range of beautiful jewellery pieces. In every medium, Elaine’s style remains uniquely her own, distinguishable by her fabrication of geometric patterns and texture.