Elaine Coles

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Elaine in the 1970’s lived in Botswana. On her return she took up pottery and was totally captivated by the process and the desire to throw pots. She developed a comprehensive range of high fired domestic stoneware which she sold at various craft fairs in the South East.

From 1987-88 she completed the Diploma Course at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Her work began to develop, influenced by her African experience and her travels around the world.

Her current work is smoke fired, using different firing methods incorporating organic materials. She intends her pieces to generate an emotional response by their form and depth and complexity.

She is a professional Member of the CPA, Kent Potters, The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen, Bank Gallery Co operative and has exhibited her work extensively in many prestigious exhibitions and galleries in England and abroad.

“After many years of making high fired decorative stoneware my current work is smoke fired, porcelain, thrown on a wheel, it is then burnished, layers of terra-sigillata are then applied, polishing in between each layer, giving the pot a high sheen. I fire in saggars, and a raku kiln leaving the smoke and flames to dance over the surface creating unique marks.

I find the combination of the smoke and clay fascinating it gives my pots a sophistication, whilst using a fundamental and primeval approach.

Continuing my love of colour I also make traditional glazed raku pieces, using a raku clay. I sometimes, incorporate precious metal clay and gem stones.”

Traning and Experience

1974 – 77 Danesfield College, Woking
1977 – 78 Langley College, Bucks
1987 – 88 Goldsmiths College, London University

Thorpe Park Pottery 1984 – 1987
Phoenix Pottery 1988 – 1990
Country Gardens Windlesham 1991 – 1993
The Pottery Studio, Chobham 1993 – 2011