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Grace Ellen

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Surrey Landscapes and Cornish Seascapes

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Grace captures popular areas of beauty around the South of England and its breath-taking coastlines in stunning detail. Her award-winning work received the Visitors’ Choice Award at Surrey Contemporary Art Fair in 2018, and was selected as the People’s Choice winner at both the Denbies Bacchus Award in 2018, and the Bath Art Fair in 2020. Grace was also a finalist in the Surrey Artist of the Year in 2018, an accolade that is testament to the popularity and charm of her work.

About Grace’s Work

Grace is based in Surrey, and spent many of her early years walking in the Surrey Hills and holidaying along the coastlines of the South West. Her art is inspired by this love of the outdoors, and she captures the essence of its beauty in a delicate palette of predominantly blues and greens. Grace expertly compliments these natural tones with pops of colour in the form of red and yellow wildflowers, or pink and lilac sunset skies overhead. Grace works with acrylic paint on panels as petite as 30cm in height, and canvases as large as 1m in width. At every scale, the artist’s approach to representing landscapes is situated between the realistic and the romanticised. She constructs her artworks without distracting figures or man-made landmarks encroaching upon the space, and selects only the most beautiful scenes to appear in her paintings. Her works take a journey from Newlands Corner and Box Hill in leafy Surrey, down to the River Wey into West Sussex, and along the shorelines of Wittering. Further afield, Grace also draws great inspiration for her seascapes from the coastlines of Devon and Cornwall.

Grace grew up in a family of photographers, who encouraged her to capture the world around her from a young age. As a painter, photography remains an integral part of her process, and Grace utilises the camera lens to structure her compositions. Each painting is a snapshot of her experience at the location, and is truly unique to the particular day she visited. Grace often sets up her paintings from an eye-level perspective, to establish an intimacy between the viewer and the subject. 

Styling Ideas
Grace Ellen customer photos
Grace Ellen customer photos

Grace’s paintings are truly timeless, and are suited to a range of modern and traditional interiors. Her signature deep blue canvas edges bring a splash of the contemporary to her work, whilst her subjects remain beautifully classical. Grace works with a wide range of sizes for her paintings, and offers a piece to suit every space. Many collectors return to purchase multiple works by Grace, and have styled smaller pieces together as diptychs.

About The Artist

Grace is a self-taught, contemporary artist based in Surrey. Her appreciation for the outdoors, and the wildlife within it, was developed through her study of Animal Behaviour and Ecology at the University of Exeter. Her work celebrates the natural beauty in these magnificent landscapes, and hopes to inspire the same interest in others through her art.