Helen Brady

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Helen Brady graduated from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, with a degree in Fine Art and Spanish. She also gained an MPhil qualification through her thesis examining the relationship between poetry and painting, focussing on the work of Spanish poet and painter Rafael Alberti. Her interest in this area stemmed from a year living in Madrid.

Looking to use her creative talents as a career, she set up her own mural business, painting commissions for private and commercial clients. Her love of travel has taken her to many interesting and inspiring countries, resulting in a passion for landscape which in recent years has manifest itself in her paintings.

Her bold landscape paintings, inspired by her travels both at home and abroad, seek to create contemporary and semi-abstract interpretations of Helen’s favourite places. Working with oils and various oil mediums, Helen explores the vibrancy of landscape, using colour and texture to evoke a true sense of place.