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Helen Brady

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Uplifting Contemporary Landscape Paintings


Why add a Helen Brady to your collection?

Helen masterfully creates large-scale statement pieces, as an accomplished mural painter with a background in Fine Art. Her expert attention to colour captures the essence of her environments; from the fresh breeze through trees in the Spring, to the warmth of the sun in the Summer heat. Helen’s contemporary style is transformative for home interiors, introducing an uplifting modern flair to any space. 


About Helen’s Work 

From local British woodlands, to the landscapes of East Asia, Helen’s paintings are inspired by the world around her. The artist’s love of travel has taken her to many interesting and inspiring countries, resulting in a passion for landscape which has manifested itself in her paintings. Helen’s landscapes paintings are inspired by her travels, exploring the locations through colour, texture and vibrancy. Her use of colour is bright and uplifting, with a soft muted finish that encapsulates the calming atmosphere of her scene. As an accomplished mural painter, in addition to her Fine Art career, Helen’s canvas paintings are often large in size. Comfortable in working to a large scale, Helen takes metre-wide canvases in her stride, making for scenes with great depth and atmosphere. 

Helen takes an exceptionally contemporary approach to painting, including splattering and dripping oil paints on her canvases, to create semi-abstract interpretations of her inspired locations. During her studies, Helen focussed on the work of Spanish poet and painter Rafael Alberti. Her work, whilst focussing on landscapes rather than figurative scenes, touchingly references the whimsical fluidity of Alberti’s work, and the joyous colour similarly translates across to her work too. 


Styling Ideas

Helen’s bright and summery paintings can be styled to introduce a subtle pop of colour to contemporary home interiors. Her large-scale works are statement pieces by design, and look fantastic as a sole focal point of a room, or styled to complement existing modern collections. Her use of colour is particularly suited to white and neutral walls, allowing the work to reinvent the space. 


About The Artist

Helen Brady is a painter of Fine Art landscapes, and bespoke wall murals. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art and Spanish in 2002 from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, before continuing her postgraduate studies in Art History and Spanish Literature, gaining her MPhil in 2007. Based in Fleet, on the Surrey Hampshire border, she has created hand painted murals throughout Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex, Buckinghamshire and parts of London.