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Henrietta Stuart

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Contemporary Abstract Landscape Paintings

Why add a Henrietta Stuart to your collection?

Henrietta’s abstract landscapes and seascapes are striking additions to the homes of collectors far and wide. Her delightfully modern take on the traditional Turneresque landscape brings a tasteful contemporary flair to any collection in need of some subtle colour. Her creative process is intuitively informed, to compose scenes that are as inviting as they are beautiful. 

About Henrietta’s Work 

Henrietta’s land and seascapes range from as small as 30cm, to as large as 150cm in width, and have been informed by a plethora of varied locations. Over the years, her inspirations have ranged from Southern India and Sri Lanka, to landscapes closer to home in London, where she has been working at Wimbledon Art Studios for the past decade. Her latest seascape influences include the coasts of western Scotland and West Sussex. Henrietta has spoken of increasingly falling in love with British light, as both light and colour are very important to her process. Light is a key aspect of the artist’s abstraction process, by allowing her to mask and hide objects, and create a sense of mystery within the depths of her work. Henrietta typically works in subtle grey and blue tones to set the scene for her land and seascapes. She pairs these muted colours with enticing pops of orange, yellow, and pink, and uses colour to evoke emotion in her work. 

Henrietta works with oil on canvas to create her abstracted landscapes and seascapes. Her compositions are developed through extensive drawings of her chosen scenes, and inspired by the places that she has seen, and has been moved by. Henrietta builds transparent layers to establish depth within her scenes, in a technique inspired by the Old Masters, notably Turner and Titian. Henrietta’s fusion of styles also draws from the Modern Masters, including Abstract Expressionists, Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, and Clyfford Still. Her finished pieces range from works of pure abstraction, to more recognisable landscapes in the natural world, but in each case are defined by the artist’s distinctive handling of visual texture and colour.

Styling Ideas 

Henrietta’s impactful artworks take pride of place in the homes of numerous collectors. Many have styled the greys and blues of Henrietta’s work to complement similar colours on their own walls, allowing her landscapes to introduce a tasteful pop of colour to their interiors. There is a timelessness to her work that equally complements modern and traditional interiors. The dramatic Turneresque qualities to Henrietta’s paintings are offset by contemporary pops of magenta and gold leaf, which introduce a fresh modern feel to the surroundings of her artworks. The variety in sizing of Henrietta’s work offers a contemporary abstract landscape to suit every wall space. Her smaller works perfectly complement existing collections, and work fantastically as part of a gallery wall design. Meanwhile, her largest paintings, often exceeding a meter in width, make for the perfect statement piece to establish a stylish focal point in the room. 

About The Artist 

Henrietta was born in London in 1965, and received her BA Fine Art degree from Newcastle University in 1988. She lived and worked in Marseilles and Languedoc for a period of time, before settling in West London, in 2011. She has been based at Wimbledon Art Studios for a decade, and during this time has exhibited extensively around the country at art fairs and with galleries.