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Jane Upstone

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Colourful Abstract Contemporary Landscapes

Why add a Jane Upstone to your collection?

Jane’s abstract artworks present a modern reimagining of the traditional landscape painting. Her playful use of colour introduces a tasteful vibrancy to any collection in need of an uplifting contemporary flair. Jane’s work is rooted in a rich history of abstract artists who channel feeling into their paintings, making for a body of work that resonates both emotionally and aesthetically with her collectors. 

About Jane’s Work 

Jane’s abstract paintings are built around landscapes, and draw inspirations from the natural world. Her work is influenced by the transcendental environments fashioned by JMW Turner, and later Peter Doig, who both create a sense of immersion and depth within their scenes. Working with bold, intuitively applied colour, Jane swaps out traditional blues and greens for inviting pinks and reds. The result is a body of work that is informed not only by what is visually apparent in the environment, but also by a sense of what is felt by the artist. Her use of long drawn-out shadows and fluidity within her shapes makes for a dream-like ethereality within her work, inviting the viewer to linger in front of it. 

Jane’s work presents the artist with a means through which to explore the world around her. There is an experimental aspect to her work, with unconventional applications of the paint, and lines carved through the medium as it dries. As a result, her work alternates between tactile, thickly layered surfaces, and soft washes of colour where the drips and runs are allowed to take their own course. This essence of chance is influenced by the work of notable Abstract Expressionists, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell, and Krista Harris whose work all shares a serendipitous flow. She is drawn to the feelings and emotions that come with the changing seasons and landscapes, making for a truly dynamic body of work. 

Styling Ideas

Jane’s colourful landscapes are statement pieces by design. As medium sized works, her paintings are adaptable focal pieces for large and smaller walls alike. Her tall narrow canvases draw the eye upwards, creating a greater sense of height within the space. Jane’s works bring a refreshing modernity to traditional interiors, and are just as complementary to contemporary homes. Her sleek white frames are highly versatile, and pair fantastically as part of a gallery wall design.

About The Artist

Jane received her BA Hons Fine Art degree from the University of Reading in 2003, and now resides in Bedfordshire, England. Her work nurtures a love of both drawing and painting, and draws inspiration from the Abstract Expressionist, and her own observations of the natural world.