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Colourful animal art

Why add a J.C. to your collection?

Multi-award winning animal artist J.C creates colourful, impressionistic paintings of animals in nature. Her charming signature style brings an uplifting air to home interiors, offering a perfect addition to gallery wall designs. Framed under glass in simple white frames, or cradled in modern grey box frames – J.C lets her vibrant artworks and delightful subjects take centre stage. From highland cows, to ducklings, and even rhinoceroses(!), J.Cs small yet striking paintings are the perfect additions for animal-lovers and art-lovers alike.

About J.C’s Work

J.C’s small to medium-sized framed artworks capture the everyday charm in the natural world. With her subjects ranging from fluffy yellow ducklings, to majestic highland cows, her impressionist oil paintings capture the essence of these delightful creatures. Working liberally with colour, splashes of oranges and pinks appear within J.Cs fanciful landscapes. These charming meadows exist somewhere between reality and the imagination, with the artist encouraging her collectors to create their own story from the suggested elements in her abstracted scenes.

“The depiction of movement, energy and life is a constant fascination for me, and my contemporary
animal paintings celebrate not only the beauty of the natural world but the vitality and dynamism of
the animal kingdom that shares our planet.”

J.C predominantly works with oil paints to achieve depth and movement with each painting. Light and texture is important to her, and the artist incorporates elements of abstraction to foster intrigue and movement within her sceneries. Whether she’s conveying a gentle breeze drifting through feathers, or the warm sunlight glistening on fur, the artist captures a distinctive moment in time, and suspends it in her chosen medium of paint. The creation of mood is often evident in J.C’s work, and the artist captures the sublime in each and every animal painting she creates.

Styling Ideas

The artist’s sleek, modern framing style is suited to contemporary interiors, and traditional tastes alike. Her modern approach to a timeless subject matter allows her paintings to effortlessly complement a range of existing collections – or to simply be displayed alone, allowing the unique beauty in J.Cs work to be truly enjoyed. Hints of pink and orange amidst lush green meadows add a subtle pop of colour to any space. The cheerful subject matter of J.C’s animal artworks lend an uplifting charm to home interiors, and make her works highly giftable. These colourful animal portraits are the perfect present for someone special (or just to keep for yourself!).

About The Artist

J.C. is a multi-award winning artist based in the north of England, renowned, nationally and internationally, for her bold, colourful and powerful depictions of animals and wildlife. She was the Chair and Exhibitions co-ordinator for the national art group, the Association of Animal Artists, for four years and was selected as a signature member of the prestigious international animal art group, Artists for Conservation, based in Canada. Among her many successes, she was the winner of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year for two years’ running (World Mammals category) and was a Highly Commended finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, selected for exhibition in London for eight years running.

J.C. was awarded the Christopher Parsons Award for Artistic excellence at The Wildlife Art Society International for the best portfolio of work, and she had work selected and sold at the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art for many years. Her work is regularly exhibited in London at the Mall Galleries, for example, with the Royal Society of Marine Artists. She has also exhibited with the Society of Equestrian Artists in Newmarket and at the Osborne Studio Gallery, London. She is honoured to be part of the invitational collection for Sketch for Survival (Explorers Against Extinction), where her work has been exhibited and sold at the Oxo Gallery, London, and conservation, and animals in general, remain dear to her heart.