Kasia Clarke

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Kasia Clarke is a local artist living and working near Reigate, Surrey. Having changed direction from glass art to painting, she has trained with abstract artists such as David M. Kessler as well as Nicholas Wilton in his groundbreaking Creative Visionary Program.

Her work represents emotional “places” loosely based upon a landscape. But these landscapes are not depictions of specific geographical areas – they are imaginary, intuitive, soulful expressions of feeling painted in an emotive and energised manner. Her intention is to create an invitation for the viewer to search deeper into the painting, to want to visually enter it and experience what lies beyond, for them.

Kasia’s process involves intuition as well as planning; it allows for an interplay of letting go and regaining control, play versus discipline. Layer upon layer of call and response decisions are made until a potential conclusion to the process is visible. That’s when the final simplification happens, the essence of the painting reveals itself and becomes clear.