Leonard Dobson

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Leonard’s paintings vary in subject matter as well as medium, he is equally adept working in oil, acrylic or watercolour. Leonard introduces a number of techniques in the creative pursuit of the “Wow!” factor. His fine art and graphic design background provides him with a commercial awareness.  Music also plays an important part in creating the right flow of inspiration, depending upon the style and subject matter of a piece of work in question. For instance; a high energy spontaneous rendering would be achieved by listening to sounds of “Enya” – whereas another style might be better achieved with the harmonious atmosphere of love songs. But whatever the painting; Leonard’s mood is enhanced with the background sounds of classical music as well as modern pop songs, and his inspiration remains fresh through constantly pushing the boundaries to create something unique. Production-line painting is not for Leonard, although his output is prolific, that is because he is always looking for new ideas to achieve the maximum success in his lifetime as a fine artist.