Les Matthews

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Les Matthews is a world renowned artist, based in the south west of the United Kingdom.
During a professional career that spans four decades he has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally.
His highly sought after paintings are prominently featured in many private and public collections throughout the world.
Mainly, a cityscape painter, his work explores cities around the world: From the far east to the middle east, from Europe to the United States. Although versatile in his use of mediums, his main output is through his use of oil paint, using exquisite layered detail, a technique reminiscent of the renaissance. Just some of the knowledge gained through his extensive training at the Royal College of Art and whilst studying to be a restorer at the National Gallery London, UK.
“These stunning pictures, with their clarity, sharp detail and soaring perspectives, have views linked together in a collage-like effect. The Colour and energy, hustle and bustle of busy streets is often there and yet in others we have a ‘birds-eye view’. The viewer feels enjoyably compelled to explore and decipher the whole image.”
Clifton Gallery, Bristol, UK

“A notable British Artist with a unique vision”
Arte Moderne, Paris, France

“New paintings by sought after artist Les Matthews are rare, as each one is painstakingly created. Les is passionate about his work.”
Art&Antiques, Somerset Life, UK

“He captures the shifting shadows and fragmenting light, he often abstracts at the periphery of vision and memory. His paintings all show a strong technical expertise with a duality of precise figuration against areas of texture and paint”
Will Ramsey’s Art Warehouse, London, UK

“Highly original painter, Les Matthews work is truly unique. This creative quest for perfection leads to a greater demand than the artist can fulfil”
Steve Wright, Folio Magazine