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Abstract Floral Paintings

Why add a Liz Spooner to your collection?

Liz Spooner’s work is joyful, uplifting, and truly quirky. Her versatile oil paintings on box canvas function both as wall-hangings, and stand-alone art objects, straddling the line between painting and sculpture. Her fresh approach to painting flowers puts an abstract spin on the traditional Still Life scene, presenting a vibrant and fun addition to every collection in need of reinvigoration. 

About Liz’s Work 

Liz’s small paintings on thick box canvases walk the line between painting and sculpture. Her art objects, typically 7-8cm wide, offer great versatility as they can be displayed free-standing on shelves and tables, as well as simply on a wall. Liz’s unique abstract approach to painting florals, presents as a contemporary take on the classic Still Life tradition. She has sourced great inspiration from the natural world around her, ranging from fields bursting with wildflowers, through to the land, sea, and culture that surround her in Menorca. 

Influencing the floral elements of Liz’s works, there is also emotional introspection, and her paintings are shaped by observations and memories. There is a textural quality to her paintings, and the artist takes great joy in experimenting with oil paints and exploring the effects they can yield. Liz also finds great joy in colour, and seeks inspiration from the emotions that different colour palettes create. Bright yellows, rich purples, and soothing blues all form Liz’s paintings, which emerge from her intuitive experimentations. 

Styling Ideas

Liz’s box canvases can be displayed conventionally as paintings hung on a wall, or as standalone art objects, on shelves and tables. These small artworks present great versatility, and introduce an element of intrigue to interior spaces. Whilst Liz’s style is contemporary, her fun and vibrant style is not limited to display just in modern collections. Her floral designs are complementary to a range of interior designs. Whether styled to complement vibrant colour schemes as part of a modern ‘gallery wall’ design, or to introduce some vibrancy to neutral interiors, Liz’s floral artworks bring joy wherever they are displayed. 

About The Artist

Liz Spooner is a Menorca-based artist, whose painting practice is informed by her background in ceramics, sculpture, textiles and photography. She was raised in the Derbyshire countryside, and attributes much of her creative energy and passion to the people she grew up with, who were “ordinary people”, creating extraordinary things. Now, she is best known for her paintings of wildflowers, hence the nickname Poppylady, which has followed her for over a decade.