Liz Spooner

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Liz Spooner bases her paintings upon observations, memories, moments and emotions, past and present. She has studied and taught ceramics, sculpture, textiles and photography as well as painting and all these play some role whilst she paints. Years ago she developed her ‘chaos theory’ in order to stretch and maintain originality, trying to keep all images spontaneous and individual. She likes to start painting very freely and then refine the marks, a little like reading the tea leaves left in the bottom of a cup , and then building layers using different techniques.

Her most enjoyable subjects are the wild fields, hence the name ‘poppylady’, given to her about 10 years ago. It is the energy created by the vigorous growth and the seemingly random, juxtaposition of colour, shapes and patterns which she finds inspiring.
This energy is also evident in the people, ordinary people, creating extraordinary energy and passion which forms deep memories from her childhood, growing up in a mining village, in the Derbyshire countryside. It is echoed in Spain, where she now lives, with the fiestas and traditions of the local people.