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Colourful Modern Paintings

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Madjid customer photo
Madjid customer photo

The colourful modern paintings of award-winning artist, Madjid Rahnavadkar, known mononymously as Madjid, are found in leading private collections throughout the world. His bright, uplifting artworks are complementary to a range of interior designs, covering a breadth of styles ranging from traditional landscape painting, to contemporary abstraction. His work presents an opportunity to reinvent any interior space, with a flair of timeless charm.

About Madjid’s Work 

Madjid’s uplifting original paintings are bright, expressive, and often large-scale, with many of these statement pieces exceeding 1m in width. Madjid constructed a signature colour palette, with a particular attention to the three primary colours; red, yellow, and blue. Whether approaching rural Italian landscapes, cosmopolitan nightlife scenes, or pieces of pure abstraction, this made for a body of understated and unfussy artworks, allowing the artist’s immense skill to be at the forefront of each piece. 

As a true expert in his field, Madjid took a plethora of styles in his stride. From traditional romantic landscapes, to modern impressionist city scenes, and even contemporary abstract images, Madjid masterfully approached each subject with the same passion and charming artistic flair. Working with oil on canvas, Madjid built texture into each piece, building great intrigue into his tactile abstracted pieces, and capturing the essence of plants and flowers in his floral landscape scenes. 

Styling Ideas

As large-scale, statement pieces by design, Madjid’s paintings present a transformative effect on any space to which they are introduced. His simple colour palette, revolving around blues, yellows and reds, allows his work to complement a range of interior designs. Madjid’s joyous, colourful style, introduces an uplifting flair to neutral walls, and can similarly be paired with a bold statement wall, to create a harmonious design. With many pieces exceeding a meter in width, Madjid’s paintings are perfectly suited to enlivening bare walls; including spaces over beds, sofas, and mantelpieces. 

About The Artist

Iranian contemporary painter Madjid Rahnavadkar, known mononymously as Madjid, was born in 1943 in Teheran. Born into an artistic family, Madjid took up painting and sculpting when he was fifteen, following in the footsteps of both his grandfather and brother. In 1959 he was awarded the French-Persian RASI prize for his painting, and was commended for his sculpture in the following year. Madjid lived in Munich for over 25 years, and was highly respected in the Munich scene. Following his death in 2020, Madjid’s paintings continue to uphold his legacy, and can be found in many private collections across Europe, America, and Asia.