Malcolm West

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Traditional Bronze Dancer Sculptures


Why add a Malcolm West to your collection?

Malcolm’s figurative sculptures are found in collections throughout the UK, Europe, and as far afield as the USA and Australia. His graceful ballerinas bring a touch of elegance to any collection, with intuitively fluid designs that capture the essence of performance. Malcolm’s timeless and traditional style complements a range of existing collections, with an attuned appreciation for classical subjects, movement, beauty, and dance. He renders each dancer with an understated energy, conceived to encapsulate these core elements of his designs.


About Malcolm’s Work 

Malcolm is a sculptor of figurative artworks, and his pieces vary greatly in size. His smallest sculptures are often just 40cm tall, whilst his largest life-sized works exceed 2m in height. Malcolm’s solo dancers bring a refined elegance to any interior, poised to highlight the graceful movements of the performers. His handling of fabric exaggerates the dynamism of his figures and enlivens their movements superbly. This masterful rendering of movement extends through to Malcolm’s coupled dancers, which are captured harmoniously in unified action. These ballroom sculptures in particular lend a romance to Malcolm’s work, and enrich the classical artistic style that many collectors desire.  

Malcolm works with bronze and bronze resin to bring his sculptures into fruition. Artists have worked with these processes for centuries, and Malcolm’s work is firmly situated within this practice; steeped in the rich artistic history of sculpture. His work is timeless and traditional both in content and form, and lends an understated elegance to any interior.


Styling Ideas

Malcolm’s classical sculptures are particularly popular additions to more traditional collections. His elegant solo and coupled dancers encapsulate a tasteful charm that is highly regarded by collectors around the world. The artist’s use of bronze allows the sculptures to fit seamlessly amongst existing collections whether bold in colour, or sharing similarly muted tones. The colour neutrality of Malcolm’s work shifts the gaze to the artist’s exquisite handling of shape and form, drawing the eye across the contours of the figures. Malcolm’s timeless sculptures are quintessential statement pieces, and are best displayed in key focus areas, including prominent shelves and side tables that allow for the artworks to steal the limelight.


About The Artist

Malcolm was born 1957, and displayed an artistic aptitude from a young age. He took his O-level in Art at the age of thirteen, and went on to Art College at the age of seventeen. He qualified with a Licentiateship of the Industrial Artists and Designers, and also the Surrey Diploma in Art and Design. In the mid 80s Malcolm began sculpting, and found he had a passion for this practice. In the late 90s, he went on to study at an Italian Art Academy, where learnt to carve marble. Malcolm exhibits regularly, including several joint showings at the Mall Galleries, along with solo shows across London, Surrey, and internationally.