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Mediterranean Landscape Paintings

Why add a Menzinger to your collection? 

Menzinger’s large-scale Impressionist paintings capture the essence of light and colour, as found in popular locations across the Mediterranean. From the canals of Venice, to hilltop coastal sunsets, his contemporary style offer a snapshot – a moment suspended in time, creating an enticing sense of nostalgia and wanderlust for his collectors.

About Menzinger’s Work 

Menzinger’s contemporary landscape paintings offer an uplifting charm for home interiors, capturing the beauty of locations across the Mediterranean. They are large-scale works on canvas, offering a substantial pop of colour to brighten any room. With subjects including Venetian waterways, Mediterranean landscapes, and idyllic sunset beaches, Menzinger’s paintings adopt an Impressionist style which has popularised his work amongst collectors.

Styling Ideas

As large-scale artworks, Menzinger’s paintings make fantastic focal points for any room. His contemporary approach to classic subjects suits his work to a range of home interiors, both modern and traditional. Whilst currently unframed, a wide range of framing options are available through the gallery, allowing the artwork to be tailored perfectly to your space. Contact us for more information.

About The Artist

Heinz-Jurgen Menzinger was born in Brunn, Germany on 24 July 1943. He gained his first degree at the Commercial School for Advertisement in Dortmund in 1961, before completing his second at the College of Art in Dortmund in 1963. Menzinger was awarded a further honouree degree at the Royal Academy in Ghent where he was enlisted as a guest auditor.

Following his studies, Menzinger worked as a freelance graphic artist, before turning to devote his time to painting. He was often fascinated by the work of the Old Masters that he saw whilst visiting various museums in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Sweden. Menzinger found his true passion within the Impressionist style, however, and has since gained worldwide recognition by painting in this genre.