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Miki De Goodaboom

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Colourful Sports Paintings

Why add a Miki de Goodaboom to your collection?
Miki Goodaboom in situ
Miki Goodaboom in situ

Miki’s figurative scenes are vibrant, colourful, and bring a dynamic energy to any space. Her work is found in homes all around the world, cherished by collectors seeking to honour their favourite sporting activities. Miki’s playful use of abstract colour perfectly captures the energy of the sportspeople she depicts, making for uplifting additions to any collection.

About Miki’s Work

Energy and colour are at the heart of Miki’s paintings. Her figurative artworks include sportspeople and musicians, as well as pieces inspired by animals, landscapes, and the natural world. Miki’s expressive approach captures the dynamic movement of racing cyclists, and skiers zooming down the slopes, in a flurry of snow. She creates her figurative scenes, without entirely disclosing the identity of her subjects. This thoughtfully allows her collectors to project their own memories onto the piece, and establish a unique relationship with their artwork.

Miki intuitively works across a range of mediums, including acrylic, watercolour, ink, and gouache to achieve the desired effect for each unique artwork. Her works are modern and vibrant paintings with strong colours. Miki works with a variety of bright yellows, vibrant blues, and enticing bright pinks, to create uplifting and exciting works of art. There is an Impressionist edge to her work, with the essence of movement captured through a flurry of carefully placed brushstrokes. Miki’s work is a truly unique offering, and presents an exciting tribute to favoured sports and events.

Styling Ideas

Miki’s lively paintings are perfect for introducing colour to neutral interiors with white, grey, or cream walls. Her dynamic and vibrant subjects make excellent additions to home bars and “man caves”, lending an outdoorsy energy to any space. Miki’s uplifting colours also pair fantastically with bold statement walls, and can even be framed as part of a modern gallery wall design, lending a contemporary flair to existing collections.

About The Artist

Miki was born in the French Pyrenees in 1955, and now lives and works in Spain. When she was 19, Miki moved to Goettingen, Germany, to study mathematics and physics. In the early 2000s, art increasingly became a part of Miki’s life, leading her to the professional art career that she occupies today. She is mainly self-taught, and attributes this unconventional approach to be the key to her unique personal style. Miki also cites her mathematics training as being influential to her art, and has found it invaluable in the analysis and probleming-solving needed to correct her art.