Shen Ming Cun

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Shen was born in 1956 and graduated from the University Art College of Guand Xi in China, where he is now professor of European Art.

He has exhibited paintings at important national exhibitions in Bejing and at the Chinese Masterpiece show in Hong Kong , winning several important awards and now has the honour of being an official artist for the Chinese Government commissioning paintings of major figures in early Chinese communist history which are exhibited at National Museums.

Shen Ming’s artistic expertise lies not only in his superlative technical skill, but in his ability to convey emotion. His paintings depict the tribes of the Miao, Yao and Dong of the remote Sichuan region, who’s way of life is increasingly threatened by modernisation within China. The combination of his talent, technical skills and his ability to observe his subjects have led people to compare his work to that of the “old masters”. The affinity and respect that Shen Ming has for these people is clear in his work as he preserves in paint the realities of their lives. In the figurative pieces he focuses on the ornate costumes worn for religious festivals, weddings and holiday celebrations. These stunning, individual portraits contrast sharply with the large interiors which offer an intimate glance at the daily life of millions.

These highly sort after and collectable pieces have met with International acclaim and feature in private collections worldwide. Shen has exhibited in Britain, Hong Kong, China, Singapora and New Zealand.