Steven McLoughlin

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Abstract Modern Landscape Paintings

Why add a Steven to your collection?

Steven’s charming scenes bring the beauty of the natural world to homes across the country. His paintings capture an enticing atmosphere, and the artist works intuitively to harness the mood created by the weather and lighting within the landscape. Speaking on the process underpinning his immersive scenes, Steven has revealed that he strives to have a narrative running through his paintings, which can allow the viewer to “put themselves into the scene”. His paintings beautifully capture the warm glow of the natural sunlight, as it filters through the treetops or sparkles over the water’s surface – making them beautiful additions to your walls.

About Steven’s Work

Steven lives and works in Derbyshire, where he finds great inspiration for his rivers, meadows, and woodland paintings. The landscapes and coastlines of rural Britain have influenced much of Steven’s work, and the artist will often start by developing the paintings on location, before returning to his studio to complete the piece.

Working primarily with acrylic and oils, Steven’s paintings are rich in texture, movement, and luminosity of colour. The artist works primarily in mixed media, developing the paintings on location, and finishing the pieces back at his studio in Derbyshire. The glazing technique plays a large part in Steven’s work, building up thin layers of paint to create depth and luminosity. Steven utilises texture, as he feels it best captures the feeling of his subjects. Using a number different techniques including sponges, brushes, rollers, scraping and scratching and splattering, Steven achieves his signature style.

Styling Ideas

Steven’s paintings are typically 100cm x 100cm or larger, making them fantastic statement pieces for your home. His whitewashed wooden frames fit seamlessly into a range of interiors, and complement modern and traditional tastes alike.

About The Artist

Derbyshire-based landscape painter Steven McLoughlin has worked as a professional artist for much of his adult life, and began taking a keen interest in art from a young age.He is self taught, and exclusively painted commercially for publishers and clients when his career first began. Since then, Steven’s work has graced displays at the prestigious Mall Gallery in London, and the artist has also enjoyed numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Norfolk, and the Cotswolds.