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Tessa Pearson

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Colourful Floral Paintings and Prints

Why add a Tessa Pearson to your collection?

Award-winning multi-media artist, Tessa Pearson, creates truly uplifting paintings and unique prints, inspired by her love for the natural world. Her enthusiasm for colour, and celebration of the “simple joy” of gardens is imparted to her collectors, who proudly have her energizing artworks on display. Her pairing of modern aesthetics with timeless subject matter allows her work to effortlessly complement existing collections, and bring a vibrant flair to every interior that they grace. 

About Tessa’s Work 

Tessa works in series to explore various techniques and revisit particular themes of interest. Her works vary in size, with some narrower than 40cm in width, to as wide as 100cm across. In every case, flowers and floral designs are absolutely central to her work, making for uplifting and summery bodies of art. Palm trees and tulips have been recurring plants of interest to Tessa over the years, and more recently she has revisited a passion for pattern and colour. Cheerful motifs like pink spots and turquoise circles have been making frequent appearances in her work, as the artist explores her passion for shape and colour. Tessa draws inspiration from garden environments, viewing them as “living paintings”. Her work responds to the blossoming colour and rhythms that emerge, and the artist draws from direct observation to capture the liveliness and energy it offers. 

Inspired by the likes of Henri Matisse, Howard Hodgkin, Patrick Heron, and Albert Irvin, Tessa’s fluctuation between block colour and translucent application echoes the journeys of those before her. Tessa’s bold abstract monotypes return to her roots as a printmaker, allowing the artist to create a unique work of art through a printing technique. The artist builds up many layers, resulting in rich luminous colour and texture within her floral designs. Tessa often completes a print by adding a final layer of viscous ink, producing an excitingly tactile surface quality. This three-dimensionality reasserts the piece as a unique work of art, as opposed to a multiple, as many prints tend to be. In her latest body of work Tessa has turned to watercolour, making for more fluid and free-flowing designs, bursting with colour as always. 

Styling Ideas
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Tessa’s medium and large artworks offer an uplifting burst of colour to illuminate any space. From soft lilacs, to vibrant lime greens, her works bring a floral cheer that is complementary to modern and traditional collections alike. When displayed in white and neutral interiors, the refreshing colours shine through and can be styled as fun focal points for the space. Additionally, her prints and watercolour paintings can be styled as part of a colourful trendy gallery wall design, amongst other pieces. Tessa’s works are celebratory of colour and nature, making them the perfect pick-me-up addition to any collection in need of some brightening. 

About The Artist

Tessa studied Printed Textile design at The University for the Creative Arts and the Royal College of Art. She won the prestigious Courtauld Prize before being selected by Liberty of London to produce a collection of beautiful printed silks. For many fruitful years, Tessa continued to sell her handpainted silks around the world from her own print studio and gallery in London, with great success. In 2000, she reconnected with her schooling, and re-focussed her artistic career around printmaking and watercolour with mixed media. Tessa was voted Surrey Artist of the Year in 2012-13, and has gone on to exhibit with galleries and art fairs across the world.