Tracey Thornton

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“It’s vital to find joy in everyday moments for a sustainably, happy life.”

Tracey’s distinctive, vibrant and liberated style, displayed throughout her latest “Butterfly Series”, is enjoyed in collections at home and internationally. During this series, Tracey wants to represent moments of joy, sentiments and events from everyday family life, to which many will relate, but may otherwise be overshadowed. The use and uniformity of butterflies throughout the series represents people and movement and ultimately denotes the shared experience of people regardless of their background. The natural environment is a simple and beautiful platform on which to reflect this emotional body of work but also allows the viewer to identify with each piece on multiple levels in their own way. The result is a collection of work that evokes joy and happiness as Tracey intended.

Tracey launched her latest “Butterfly Series” in 2016 and her work was subsequently used for the main promotional material for The New Artist Fair, Summer Exhibition in 2017 and has since been featured in various magazines including Tatler as a recommended artist.

A mixed media artist with a passion for colour and collage, Tracey also creates detailed and highly personalised collage portraits in addition to her developing bodies of painting, mixed media work and designer product lines.