Shen Ming Cun TV interview

Master Artist Shen Ming Cun has been working on a large scale history painting for the Guangxi Museum of Fine Arts documenting the origins of The Communist party in China. This video is a clip from a TV interview about the creating of this important painting. Shen Ming Cun gives us a little bit of history;

“In 1934, during the Chinese Civil War. The battle of the Xiangjiang River between the Red Army led by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese Kuomintang Army was the first major battle of the Long March of the Central Red Army. Red Army officers and soldiers fought bloody seven days and nights to break through the blockade of the Kuomintang in the Xiangjiang River. It was the fiercest and most stirring battle. The Kuomintang retreated, but the Central Red Army suffered heavy losses. After crossing the Xiangjiang River, the number of the Central Red Army was reduced from 86,000 to 30,000. Later, the Communist Party of China led the Red Army on the Long March, the Red Army fought bravely and won the final victory. The Communist Party of China becomes the ruling party of China. July 1 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It’s an important anniversary and there are many important exhibitions all over the country. The oil painting, Battle of Xiangjiang River, is on display at the Guangxi Museum of Fine Arts.”

Finshed Shen Ming Cun Battle painting
Finshed Shen Ming Cun Battle painting

Shen Ming Cun offers an exquisite modern take on the traditional portrait painting, through his masterful pairing of Western painting conventions with traditional southern Chinese cultural practices. His highly sought after and collectable artworks have been met with international acclaim, and grace public and private collections worldwide. His portraits present an immense detail and emotion that incites attention within any space, and are complementary to interiors both traditional and contemporary in style. Shen’s works are timeless, masterfully created, and simply stunning, making for the perfect addition for every collector seeking a modern masterpiece. Shen Ming’s paintings can be viewed and purchased exclusively in the UK at No Naked Walls Gallery in Surrey

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