“Summer Shade” Exhibition on our Chertsey gallery from 25th July….

Our new show “Summer Shade” is coming to our Chertsey gallery soon…. Fab new paintings by gallery favorite Elizabeth Jardine and introducing new gallery artists – Jo Louca & Alan Perriman. Frequently Jo’s initial inspiration for paintings comes simply from gazing up at a light filled canopy, the magical effect being almost that of stained glass, a cathedral canopy. Whilst Alan, a local artist based in Runnymede loves to portray the beauty that can be found locally and states “Much of my work revolves around Runnymede, a water-meadow on the banks of the Thames between Staines and Windsor which is famous as the site of the signing of the Magna Carta. On first visit it’s just a big field with a tea room, but over time you discover a childhood that never was, a tiny kingdom of ancient woodlands, meadow flowers, ponds, hedges heavy with berries, a hide-and-seek river, bitter winter winds and burning summer afternoons; a tiny kingdom of tiny adventures.”
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The opening night party takes place on Thursday 25th July between 6.30pm and 9pm – we hope to see you there!!

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BRAMLEY GALLERY Opening night photos!
July 13, 2013
“Summer Shade” private view photos
July 27, 2013