Alena Carvalho

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Atmospheric cityscape painter
Prague-born artist Alena Carvalho began painting as a teenager with highly detailed and realistic miniatures. Ironically she shied away from anything on a larger scale, yet she has become renowned for her high-impact large scale works.
Initially, she had a passion for painting architecture, but soon her interest extended to other elements of the urban environment and the life that goes on within it. She is fascinated by the effect that the weather and varied light have on the urban landscape and how they dictate the mood of a scene. She loves the serenity of snow and its ability to transform an ordinary street into a winter wonderland as much as she gets exhilarated by the vibrancy and colour with which rain and evening lights can flood a city.
Alena has always been inspired by European cities and towns, but London features in her paintings more than any other place. She is compelled to paint the hustle and bustle of the capital with its magnificent buildings, black cabs and red buses over and over again. She loves capturing the fleeting compositions of the cityscape through her camera lens – it is her sketchbook.
Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries across the UK to great acclaim as well as sold overseas. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two daughters and has her studio at home.