Andrea Gill

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Andrea Gill was born 1959 in the Provence. Her parents are German. It can be said that painting is her most loved doing.
Already at school she attracted the teachers attention as she constantly made drawings of all sorts of things in the classroom which later on were painted in wonderful colours. This clearly showed that she will become an artist. After attending classes at the Academy of Arts in Southern France she developped a style of painting of her own. She is workingwith palette knife in several layers of paint giving her works a powerful impression and vitality. Her paintings hve depth and plasticity. You can feel her female intuition which give to her works an ingenious grace.
”When I am painting I have spots of paint all over, the colours flow and mingle. I compose no melodies but the paintings and I often feel more that I see. I am in my own universe producing a symbiosos of light and policromation.”