Carol Grant

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Carol’s paintings focus on the relationship between the land, sea and sky and the interaction they have with one another. Depending on the atmospheric conditions and intended mood, her work ranges from an expressionist use of colour and mark-making to very detailed images of specific places and seasons. Carol uses texture within her paintings to create an illusion of depth and perspective. Recently she has been working on a new series of mono prints and states;

“I find that working with mono print allows me to explore my subject through expressive, intuitive, painterly mark making which, in turn, filters through into my painting. I find that working between the two mediums allows me to evaluate and move ideas forward.”

Carol studied at Surrey Institute of Art and Design University College, Farnham, Surrey for her BA (Hons) Fine Art and at Wimbledon School of Art for her Masters degree in Fine Art Print.

Since graduating in 2000, she has exhibited in galleries and Art Fairs around London and south east England.