Tanja Möderscheim

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Tanja Möderscheim is a Dutch painter based in London. She works in a classical style using traditional technique. Her close attention to detail and anatomy, nurtured by her background in science, is a nod to the interest in taxonomy during the Dutch Golden Age. Her still life paintings are simple and calm.
She divides her time between painting commissioned pieces, painting for exhibitions and working on ongoing projects: cultural and culinary heritage.

Her cultural heritage project focuses on Dutch historical tulips from the 16th to 19th centuries. She sources the bulbs from the gene bank Hortus Bulborum in Holland and grows these in her garden, resulting in annual series of tulip paintings. Go to the tulip page to read more about this project.
Her culinary heritage project is about celebrating artisan and local food produce; she brings out the best of the artisans’ products in her paintings. As part of this she collaborated with the BBC Food and Farming Awards and is currently working with chef Lise of Bon Fond, painting the produce of French artisans. The latter collaboration has resulted in an exhibition planned for 23 September at La Grande Rencontre Annuelle, College Culinaire de France, in Paris.
Other series of paintings focus on Delft Blue tableware and Roman archaeological artifacts.