Jo Louca

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Jo was born in Bristol, but has lived in Surrey for over thirty years. She gained a B.A.Hon in Fine Art at Farnham College University and has exhibited widely in Galleries around south England.
Jo says “Mine is a contemplative intuitive approach to my work, an attempt to portray the essence of the land. Always concentrating on the elemental power of light, atmosphere and the mood of an area. rather than a figurative representation of it, and celebrating the sublime beauty of light itself.
Frequently the initial inspiration for paintings comes simply from gazing up at a light filled canopy, the magical effect being almost that of stained glass, a cathedral canopy.
I am often asked how the works are made and are they photos or prints or digitally enhanced? No, I do not use photography, computer graphics, printing processes or tricks of any kind in creating my paintings. They are simply painted in the traditional method with particular care and attention to subtle changes of tone and colour. Useing the time honoured method of glazed oil paint (paint built up in thin layers) which best utilizes the paints translucent qualities to create subtle depth of colour.
Though a very lengthy process, each painting taking many months to complete, it produces a wonderful rich glow. A technique employed by the Old Masters.

Although I intend a specific reading for each painting I purposefully make the works none prescriptive, allowing the viewer to interpret each work in their own way. Everyone seeing something different.”