Johannes Eerdmans

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Johannes Eerdmans has developed a style that is reminiscent of the Romantic School. He was born in 1950, in Sneek (Holland), and grew up in Bolsward. Johannes Eerdmans has had an interest in drawing since childhood. He was trained at the Leeuwardian Academy of Art, but it was his studies of the Dutch masters that inspired his preference for painting in a traditional style, this is evident in his use of light and shade, as well as the great detail in his work.
Johannes Eerdmans prefers painting still lives, but also paints town views, ships, winter and summer landscapes. The longer Eerdmans paints, the higher his esteem for the Old Dutch Masters becomes.
Connoisseurs praise the extraordinary atmosphere Eerdmans paintings exude. His paintings have been exhibited throughout Europe and the United States, and he continues to be popular with collectors around the world.