Sharon Withers

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Sharon Withers is a young artist known for creating large scale abstract landscape work and triptych oil paintings. Her work can be found worldwide from America to Europe in private collections and corporate establishments.

Sharon showed a unique talent for the creative arts from an early age receiving top grades & winning regional competitions in landscape painting. As well as being a painter she has enjoyed an exciting career as a Latin American & Ballroom dancer. Many people have said that her energy and enthusiasm are evident in her paintings through the use of colour and movement.

Studying at The Slade School of Fine Art, Turner Prize winner Jenny Saville encouraged Sharon’s unique method of painting which allows her to create a startling dynamism in her compositions. Sharon’s reputation continues to grow and she has featured in a series of successful exhibitions throughout the UK and is represented in a growing collection of Galleries.

The paintings are based on shapes and textures found in nature and their symbolic meanings.The work combines visual richness through the use of colour and textural depth.

Through the process of layering and texture residues of past disturbances are visible throughout the layering leaving an imprint of the event. My work is designed to intrigue and challenge your perception of the natural world.

The paintings relate to aspects of space, time, tension and surface tension. Time and gravity play a key role, the intrusion of these elements relates to cause and effect. I am emphasising the visual tension between the two dimensional plane and the three dimensional space.

1999 The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. BA (HONS) Fine Art
2005 Heather Wagstaff Oil Award
2004 David Yellop Academy Award
2000 Finalist- Gilchrist Fisher Award for Young Landscape Artist, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London